Troy’s Top 10 finger foods

Published 8:01 pm Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Shrimp cocktail will always be my favorite finger food. It is the perfect combination of simplicity and scrumptiousness.

Even though I’m a big guy, I must confess a tiny little sweet spot in my soul for finger foods. There’s something about miniature versions of normal food that gets me excited. The first time I saw a tray of deviled eggs at a party, I thought this is what heaven must be.

Plus, I like finger foods because they allow me to walk around while engaging in my favorite activity: eating. So I like to justify eating more of these little goodies while at parties by saying they’re never actually reaching that part of my inner workings where calories are actually counted because of all the mingling I do.

The calories are burned off before they ever get the chance to affect my blood sugar. (Just go with me on this, people.)

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So great is my love of finger foods that I’ve taken the time — years ago, mind you, not just today — to formulate a Top 10 list of my all time favorite finger foods.

So, Suffolkians, if you are throwing parties this summer (and I know that you are) and you’re thinking about inviting yours truly (and I know that you are), here’s my list of finger food favorites. (And seriously, don’t read this list if you’re not going to invite me to the party.)

10. Vegetable platter — I only include this in my list because I feel I should. But come on. They’re veggies. There’s no need to pretend I like them until dinner actually starts.

9. Any little sandwich with cream cheese — Whenever I see those little sandwiches with the little toothpicks in them, my heart — cheese-stuffed arteries and all — just skips a beat.

8. Chips and salsa — This dish is ranked so low only because of the presence of vegetables in the salsa. And these are my favorites. Not the best ones for me.

7. Pizza rolls — Serve these little puppies with sour cream for dipping and it’s a symphony of flavor.

6. Chicken wings — Whether they’re served teriyaki-style, grilled, or the world famous Buffalo, I’m forever a huge fan.

5. Chicken teriyaki — Strangely enough, my love of Chinese cuisine doubles whenever the portion sizes are reduced.

4. Bacon-wrapped anything — Scallops, shrimp or shoe leather. The real star of the show is already on the outside. So stick a toothpick in it and call me satisfied.

3. Steak bites — I’ve found this appetizer to be the perfect way to eat the equivalent of three steaks at a party without looking like a complete pig. Just take it one bite at a time.

2. Mini egg rolls — Often served with a nice duck sauce for dipping, my appetite knows no bounds when I’m around these flaky, tasty little jewels of the Orient.

1. Shrimp cocktail — This is the hands-down winner of the “My Last Meal” award. Its simplicity and ability to satisfy sweeps me off my feet every time. I could do shrimp cocktail while suffering from food poisoning, with the flu, and with my mouth somehow sewn shut. I would make it happen.

So now that you’ve seen my list, please remember when it’s time to send out those invitations that I can be reached at the Suffolk News-Herald.

Troy Cooper is a page designer for the Suffolk News-Herald. He can be reached at 757.934.9612 or at